Changing Combination Locks: Tips from a Safe Cracker in Fairfax, VA

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Do you need to change the combination on your lock? Depending on the style and location of the lock, this can prove to be a tricky process. Fortunately, a qualified safe cracker in Fairfax, VA is here to help.

Before you try to change your security lock in Fairfax, VA on your own, start with the following questions. This will guide you in changing your combination lock. Once you’ve answered these, use the tips at the bottom to make your lock change as smooth as possible.

Where is the combination lock installed?

On what object is the security lock in Fairfax, VA installed? Safe locks are typically more complicated to change than lockers, for example. The level of complexity should tell you how much time you’ll need to change the lock and what skill level will be required to do so. In some situations, you may need a professional safe cracker in Fairfax, VA to change your combination.

Do you want to change the lock or the combination?

In many situations, two options exist to make a change to a combination lock. You can either change the combination itself, or you can change the entire combination lock. Decide which solution is appropriate for your circumstances. In some cases, such as when the current combination is unknown, it may be simpler to replace the lock itself. For help with high-tech security locks in Fairfax, VA, contact a professional to change the combination.

What is the name of the lock manufacturer?

Knowing the maker of the security lock in Fairfax, VA can help guide your efforts. You may be able to research specific techniques required that are unique to that model. If you are working with a safe cracker in Fairfax, VA, it can also be helpful to provide the name of the manufacturer to this professional to get a better idea of the potential work and cost involved in changing it.

Tips for Changing Combination Locks

When you’re ready to change your combination lock, remember:

  • Don’t rush. Allow plenty of time for the task.
  • Open first. Always open the lock before you try to change the combination.
  • Some security locks in Fairfax, VA require a specific reset tool to change the combination.
  • Unlock the lock three times with the new combination before closing a safe door.
  • Many safes and other locks require the skills of a safe cracker in Fairfax, VA. Don’t hesitate to reach out for professional assistance if the job is not appropriate for a DIY project.

Get More Tips

Do you have additional questions about combination locks? For expert input, contact the team at Artie’s Lock and Key. We’ve been a premier safe cracker in Fairfax, VA since 1975. Our professionals are fully equipped with the latest tools and are trained to handle combination locks of all kinds. Contact us today to schedule your lock change or installation. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, we are your go-to source for assistance with your security locks in Fairfax, VA!

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