Tips for Reinforcing Commercial Door Locks in Fairfax, VA

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As a business owner, you need to invest in security for your office, facility or shop. Certain preventative measures can protect you, your employees, your inventory and equipment from criminal threats, as well as natural events like strong storms.

Let’s start at the front door. Since most standard commercial doors do not come with security upgrades, you should seriously consider making changes yourself as soon as possible. Highly secured doors put employee and customer minds at ease, and keep insurance companies happy.

Whether your commercial doors are made of wood, aluminum, glass or steel, there is a way to strengthen them. Here are some tips for reinforcing commercial door locks in Fairfax, VA.

Choose the best door locks

You can take a similar approach to choosing the best locking system for your commercial doors as you would for your residential doors. Start by taking a crash course in the ins and outs of commercial lock grading. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has put in place well-defined commercial lock grading systems based on numerous rigid and demanding tests. The lock test results determine how locks are graded. Grade 1 and Grade 2 are the two most common grades for commercial locks, and are based around three major parameters: strength, cycle and material used:

  • Grade 1 locks: Considered to be the best locks on the market, they are also the most expensive, but worth every last penny. Grade 1 is the strongest and most durable lock you can get for your commercial doors. They come highly recommended for use in areas where exterior doors on commercial buildings can use some extra security.
  • Grade 2 locks: Often referred to as medium-grade locks, grade 2 locks are primarily found on commercial doors that are less likely to be compromised. They are great for indoor offices and storage areas, but it’s also not uncommon for business owners in low crime areas to use them on exterior doors to save money.

Install door security hardware

There’s a wide range of door security hardware perfect for commercial door lock reinforcement. Let’s review a couple options:

  • Latch guards: Latch guards are built from gauge steel that is difficult to cut or bent. They go in the gap between the door and door frame—the weakest point in commercial doors that is most susceptible to attacks—to prevent crowbars and other tools from being jammed inside to force the door open.
  • Pick-resistant security locks: Some commercial door locks can be picked or bumped open by criminals. The easiest way to remedy this lack of security is to replace inexpensive door hardware as soon as possible. Talk to a locksmith about investing in high-security commercial deadbolts and door locking systems.

Take the necessary action to reinforce the door

The right door hardware can reinforce your commercial door and door frame. This list includes hinge security pins (jam pins), reinforcing strike plates and reinforcing the door material using a deadbolt and a door wrap.

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