A Guide to Cars with Keyless Entry

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These days, most new cars come with the option of keyless entry. Though once considered a luxury, keyless entry has become standard-issue in a lot of makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs. And more’s the better—no matter how many times you use the keyless entry to save you the trouble of fumbling for the door key in the dark, no matter how many times you use the tell-tale sound to find your lost car in a crowded parking lot, keyless entry is a magical innovation. The option to lock and unlock your car door with the push of a button never ceases to be a wonder of technology.

That said, when your keyless entry fails to work, it can throw a serious wrench in your plans, whether you’re about to hit the town or commute to work. Here are some complications you might encounter when you require keyless entry repair in Fairfax, VA.

A specialized replacement

There’s really no such thing as an old-school car key going bust. You get one when you get the car, and that’s that. When you opt for keyless entry, on the other hand, there’s always the possibility that, at some point, your keyless entry simply won’t function. What’s more, engaging in keyless entry repair in Fairfax, VA can be somewhat complicated.

No simple copies

When you get a traditional car key, you can head to the nearest hardware store and have one or two backup copies made. That way, if you should happen to lose your key, you’ll still be able to get into your vehicle. When you have keyless entry, however, your car key includes a microchip.

This microchip is responsible for several things. It allows your fob to unlock and lock your doors at the touch of a button, it keeps you from being able to lock your keys in your car and it allows you to start your vehicle. If you accidentally lose your keyless entry fob, those features could turn into huge drawbacks.

For example, when people have a low-tech copy of their keyless entry fob, they’ll find that they can only lock and unlock the doors, and the engine itself won’t start.

Battery power runs down

Like any technology, keyless entry requires a power source to operate. In this case, that’s a specialized battery that keeps your fob’s microchip working. Batteries, as you know, have temporary lifespans. In the case of your keyless entry fob, that’s about three to four years. When the battery runs down, you’ll find that the remote entry capabilities of your car fail to work.

Make things easy on yourself

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