Four Reasons to Get a Spare House Key

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Many homeowners in Fairfax, VA don’t think to create a spare house key until it’s too late. No one likes to assume they’ll lose a key one day, but unfortunately it can happen to anyone. If you’re on the fence about getting a spare key for your home, below are some reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer.

You’ll have a backup plan for lockouts

There’s no moment more defeating than when you reach for the house key and realize it’s gone. Where you left it is a mystery, and now you’re stuck on the front porch with no way to get inside. If your only copy becomes lost or damaged, you’ll have to wait who knows how long for a locksmith to show up.

A spare house key makes all those inconveniences go away. It doesn’t cost much to create a spare, and it’s less expensive than hiring a locksmith to open your front door. Hand over the key to a neighbor you trust or hide it in a safe location on your property.

You’ll be able to copy the spare to create a new key

Let’s say the original house key is either broken or lost forever. If you didn’t have a spare, your locksmith in Fairfax, VA would have to create a new house key. A spare key for your home saves money because it costs less to copy a key than to make one from scratch. If you have a spare, get it copied right away so you’re not tempted to use it as your primary key.

Help your day run more smoothly

There are a number of reasons why you’d entrust a spare house key to another person. Some homeowners in Fairfax, VA hire cleaning services to take care of the house while they’re at work. Maybe your HVAC system needs fixing, but you can’t afford to wait for hours until the workers arrive. A spare key for your home allows you be on the go while granting access to people who need it.

Allow a friend to house sit

Someone has to watch the house while you’re on vacation. You might trust a friend to enter your home, but that doesn’t mean you’re willing to hand over your only house key. That’s when having a spare comes in handy. You can rest easy knowing your property is being taken care of, and you’ll still have a way to get inside if your friend loses the spare.

If you don’t want to relinquish the only copy of your house key, a spare lets someone you trust keep the house as you left it. They’ll water the plants, walk the dog and collect the mail so there’s no stress when you come home from a relaxing vacation.

Keys go missing when you least expect them to. Be prepared for any situation with a spare house key from Artie’s Lock And Key in Fairfax, VA. Whether you need a copy or want to rekey the lock, one of our locksmiths is always ready to help. Send a quick message to let us know what we can do for you!

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