How Technology Has Changed the Locksmith Industry

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The locksmith industry is beginning to look a bit different than it did in the past. More homeowners are replacing the traditional lock and key with smart lock installations in Fairfax, VA. Meanwhile, in commercial buildings, digital door locks grant access with just a couple of buttons. All industries benefit from technological advancements, and locksmiths are no exception.

Smart locks

The locksmith industry has made smartphones the new house key. Homeowners can hire their locksmith in Fairfax, VA to complete a smart lock installation. Then, your phone uses Bluetooth to remotely unlock the front door. Smartphones are a reliable way of securing homes because, just like a traditional key, your phone is generally on your person at all times.

Keyless entry

Digital door locks can do more than secure a house. The newest car models have replaced the traditional locking mechanism with wireless remotes and push-to-start ignitions. That’s why locksmiths in Fairfax, VA are continually educating themselves about security systems beyond a simple lock and key.

Keyless entry is also great for commercial spaces that require heightened security, like hospitals and medical labs. With the push of a button, qualified personnel can gain entry to a restricted area. Technology has advanced beyond manual locks, and keyless entry is now the preferred solution for buildings that need it the most.

Card access

Card access is another popular form of digital door locks. Just like keyless entry, this type of security system is used all the time in commercial spaces. If you look closely, you’ll notice card access is everywhere. For instance, hotel guests may be given a card to access their suite. Government officials use card access to enter rooms that are closed off to the public.

In addition to keyless entry and smart lock installation, locksmiths are learning how card access works so they’re equipped to open doors that require something other than a manual key. After all, their job is to help stranded customers no matter which type of locking system is standing in their way. As technology evolves, so do the capabilities of a locksmith.

Digital passcodes

Digital passcodes have been around for decades, and can be found in both commercial and residential spaces. Homeowners who live in gated communities may use a passcode to enter their neighborhood. They might even have a gate located at their driveway entrance so only friends and family members can set foot on the property.

These digital locks are great for office buildings that have restricted access but still require many employees to come and go. Instead of handing physical keys to dozens of workers, everyone can get inside by memorizing a simple passcode. Digital door locks in Fairfax, VA also heighten security at the main entrances to apartment buildings. This cuts back on theft by allowing access only to tenants.

Technology continues to evolve, which is why you need a locksmith that leans toward the future. If you’re looking to update a security system, consult the innovative locksmiths at Artie’s Lock And Key. We install and repair locks that feature the latest technological advancements. Whenever you need help, we’re just a phone call away.

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