Protect Your Home This Holiday Season with These Security Tips

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With so many people out of town visiting friends and family during the holidays, it’s no surprise that home invasions and burglaries see an uptick at this time of year. In fact, robbery rates increase by about 20 percent each December. To help ensure you don’t fall victim to any crimes during the holiday season, we’ve put together this helpful list of holiday home security tips in Fairfax, VA. Follow these tips—especially if you’re going to be out of town—and you can rest easy this holiday season.

Invest in smart locks

The top way to protect your belongings and family this holiday season is to upgrade your current locks with smart locks, which are controlled with a smartphone app instead of a regular key. In addition to allowing you to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere with the touch of a button, the app will tell you who’s in your home at any given time.

Buy a front door security camera

Installing a smart doorbell is another good way to tell if anyone is lurking in or around your home. Smart doorbell video cameras are integrated with apps that allow you to see who’s at the door from an app on your phone or tablet. Certain models even allow you to speak to the person at the front door.

Install a home security system

Another one of our best holiday security tips is to install home security systems in Fairfax, VA. While a home security system can be a major investment, it’s well worth the money. Hearing an alarm system go off will scare away any would-be burglars. And putting a security system sign in your front yard might stop them from even trying to break in!

Leave the lights on

For better home security without investing in new technology, we recommend leaving a few interior and exterior lights on while you’re out. Keeping a few lights on will give the appearance that you’re at home, even if you’re off on vacation or visiting family.

To help save on your electric bills, upgrade to smart fixtures and lights that will turn on at nighttime, when crimes are more likely to happen.

Avoid leaving gifts outside

A pile of delivered packages might as well be a bullseye for any burglars passing by your home. One of our best free holiday home security tips in Fairfax, VA is to bring your packages inside as soon as they arrive. Schedule delivery when you know you’ll be home, or ask your neighbors to pick up the delivered packages for you so they’re not sitting outside all day.

Buy your smart locks from Artie’s Lock and Key

If you’re thinking about bolstering your home security systems in Fairfax, VA with a smart lock, buy it from Artie’s Lock and Key! We only sell smart locks from the best brands, like Schlage and Kevo, and we offer expert installation. Call us today to learn more about all of our smart lock products and services.

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