Rekeys vs. Lock Changes: Which Should You Choose?

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Making sure that their family is safe is something that all homeowners strive to do, and one of the most important lines of defense for a home are the locks on its exterior doors. To update the security of your home, you might find that it is necessary to rekey the already existing locks on your doors and have key replacements made. In other scenarios, purchasing a brand new set of locks and making a key copy in Fairfax, VA might be the best choice. Your local key making service is here to help with some tips on how to determine which option is best for your home.

What is lock rekeying, and why is it beneficial?

If you have your current locks rekeyed, it allows you to keep these existing locks in place, while changing the mechanisms slightly so that new keys can be used. To accomplish this, a locksmith will replace the pins inside of the lock cylinder that match your current set of keys with new ones, while also providing you with the new keys to match the updated lock.

Because new locks don’t have to be purchased, a lock rekeying is typically the least expensive way to reinforce the security of your home. This method is particularly common for new homeowners, as there is no real way to know how many of the old keys were distributed by the previous owners. There will be some instances, though, in which a full lock replacement is needed.

Could your home benefit from a brand new set of locks?

The process of replacing the locks on your exterior doors involves purchasing an entirely different lockset, which can be beneficial if you’re previous lock is old or damaged. Since a brand new lock will be used, the cost of the project will be comparatively more than a simple rekeying, but the process does come with added benefits. A brand new lock offers customization options that wouldn’t be available if you were doing a rekey, and you can even take the opportunity to upgrade to a different lock style, grade or brand to make sure your home is more secure.

Your particular circumstances will determine which decision is best for your home. If you have been completely satisfied with your locks thus far and just want to add an extra layer of security, rekeying your locks is a suitable solution. On the other hand, if your home was recently broken into and your locks are damaged, new locksets might be the best option to strengthen your home’s security.

No matter which way you decide to go, our team at Artie’s Lock and Key is here to help. Whether you are looking for a key copy or a key replacement in Fairfax, VA, our experienced locksmiths can assist you with whatever is needed so that your home remains safe and secure. Make sure you contact the experts at our key making service in Fairfax, VA today to ensure that your home is protected.

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