How Do You Lock and Unlock a Panic Bar?

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Panic doors are a style of security door that has been around for a long time. They first went into production in the early 1900s and have made their way to just about every fast-food establishment, grocery store back door, and more. You may be curious about how to lock and unlock panic doors. Here is some information that will help you achieve that if you need to:

Why Did Panic Bars Come From?

The concept of the panic bar originated in 1911 in response to a crisis that involved people dying inside buildings. They were dying in fires because the design of the inward-opening doors somehow prevented them from exiting the building to save their lives. The panic bar manufacturer wanted to make it much easier for people to protect themselves, and that’s what the panic bar accomplished. 

Why You Need to Keep You Panic Bar Unlocked

Keeping the panic bar unlocked is essential for safety reasons and because of certain mandates. Specific mandates state that panic doors should be easily opened with nothing but horizontal force on the crossbar. The idea is to have it so that people can exit the building quickly without needing extensive knowledge of doors and their mechanisms. Simplicity is the key here, and it saves lives in this case.  

How Do You Lock and Unlock a Panic Bar?

Unlocking a push bar door is the easiest thing you can do. It does not require experience or education. The door has a flat bar attached to the inside. Pushing on that flat bar will cause it to retract the latch mechanism and unlock the door. You can then use the door for a quick exit in the case of an emergency. Safety codes and regulations mandate that the release mechanism be activated in the push bar.

There is a way to lock the panic door with a unique key. This key is a hex-shaped key. You can also use a mortise cylinder key to do the job. Turning the key will cause the locking mechanism to work. 

The proper way to lock the door is to put the key in the hole and turn it. You must lock the door from the outside as well. Whoever locks the door should check to ensure that it is indeed locked. That’s the best way to keep the premises safe and ensure that everything is and was done properly. 

There’s nothing much else to locking an unlocked door with a panic bar. The most important thing is hiring only a reliable company to install a panic door for you. Ensure that you check the business’s credentials, other work, work experience, and the like. You have the right to choose the best provider so that you can ensure that people inside your facility are safe. 

You should now fully understand how panic bars work and what you’ll need to do to lock or unlock one. You can feel safe and secure if you have a door with a panic bar at your home or establishment. 

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