Five Lock Maintenance Tips from Professional Locksmiths in Fairfax, VA

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As a property owner, it can be tempting to see every project as an opportunity to test your DIY skills. Locks and keys are certainly no exception, but there are some circumstances in which you may be better off trusting the pros to handle the job.

Looking for some good lock maintenance tips to get you started? Here are five tips from professional locksmiths in Fairfax, VA:

Inspect the doorframe

Your door lock cannot function properly if there is a problem with the door, if the door has sustained damage or if the door is not properly hung. For instance, a door that sags in places and doesn’t align evenly with the frame places a lot of pressure on the locking hardware, including the deadbolt. Start your door inspection by looking at the top of the door, making sure it’s level across its full length.

Check the deadbolt

Even though the weather can have an effect on how your doors operate, for the most part, doors should not be difficult to deadbolt shut. When your door is closed, you should be able to secure the deadbolt with ease and without needing to pull back or push forward on the doorknob. You shouldn’t end up in a wrestling match with the door to get it closed and locked! If this is the case, there may be an issue with the doorframe, or the deadbolt may have been installed incorrectly.

Additionally, the deadbolt must extend completely to lock the door, as well as retract all the way back into the lock housing when unlocked.

Adjust the door hinges

A door’s hinges move every time it is opened or closed. Although door hinges are bound to give out in time, you can help them last longer and stay in good condition by practicing good door, hinge and lock maintenance. Start by tightening the screws holding each hinge, making sure to tighten both the hinges on the doors as well as the frames. Adjusting door hinges helps to align the door to the lock latch or bolt strike, which ensures it’s falling into the correct place. This also stops the door from rubbing against the frame, which is often the reason a door is difficult to open or close.

Lubricate the door locks

Many people are unaware that their door locks need occasional lubrication. For your locks to function smoothly, they require lubrication at least once a year. Use graphite or easy-to-apply dry lubricants. First, spray lubricant on the inside of the lock, and then insert your key, moving it in and out a handful of times. Wipe off debris every time you take the key out.

Make duplicate keys

While quality keys are designed to last a long time, they will wear out eventually, and typically before the lock on your door gives out. Make enough duplicates of the original key for each adult living in the house, as well as a few spares. Spare or extra keys can be stored in safe places or given to a trustworthy family member or friend for lockout situations. Having duplicates also ensures you have at least one backup key in the event that the original wears out, gets damaged or no longer works.

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