Are You Attracting Thieves to Your Home?

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Dealing with a home break-in can be a difficult and scary experience. Whether you were at home when an intruder came onto your property or you returned home to find that a break-in had occurred, it can be unsettling to find that a thief managed to gain entry to your home. There’s no way to completely prevent break-ins from happening, regardless of how many safety measures you take, but there are certainly steps you can take to protect your home, such as by installing a security lock in Fairfax, VA. In some cases, homeowners may be unknowingly making their homes more attractive to potential thieves. Make sure you know what you might be doing to unwittingly increase your risk of a break-in so that you can best protect your home:

  • Leaving doors and windows open: You might like getting a breeze in your house from open doors and windows, but thieves will see this as the perfect opportunity to get into your home. You should keep doors and windows closed, especially when you’re not home, and use latches on your windows to keep them secure. Lots of thieves gain entry into homes by climbing through windows or simply walking through an unlocked door. Thieves often target homes where they know windows are typically opened and doors are left unlocked.
  • Not using your neighbors as a resource: Getting to know your neighbors can really pay off when it comes to keeping your home safe. When you isolate yourself from your neighbors, you won’t be able to rely on them to check up on your home when you’re out of town or call you if something seems suspicious. Do yourself a favor and make a connection with your neighbors so that they can serve as a resource to help protect your home.
  • Being conspicuous about big purchases: You might be really excited about a new television, appliance or electronic device, but announcing these purchases can also attract thieves to your home. Hide packaging to new devices at the bottom of your waste bins and break down boxes rather than leaving them on the curbside as a form of outdoor advertisement.
  • Neglecting to switch out old locks: If you have an older home, chances are, your locks could use an upgrade. These old locks tend to be easy for intruders to pick. Replacing old, worn-out locks with an updated security lock in Fairfax, VA can significantly increase the safety of your home and may deter intruders from targeting your property.

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