Keyless vs. Smart Locks: What’s the Difference?

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The rise of technology has impacted the way we interact with almost everything in our lives… including our locks. Many people hate fumbling for keys or forget them at home, leaving them without access to their homes or businesses. Thanks to technology, there are now numerous ways to enter a building without a key.

Keyless locks and remote access keys in Fairfax, VA (or “smart locks”) are becoming increasingly popular in both homes and businesses because of their added convenience. But these two types of locks are quite different. When deciding to upgrade your lock system, make sure you understand the difference between keyless and smart locks and which is right for you.

Keyless locks

Simply put, keyless locks are locks that do not require a key for entry. Instead of a key, they may utilize a keypad and code or pin, a card or key fob reader, a touch screen, fingerprint scanner or other form of keyless access.

Many keyless locks still have a keyhole incorporated as a backup in case there is a technological issue and you cannot use the keyless entry system to get in.

These systems are great options for commercial buildings. They are relatively simple devices and can control the way people enter the building. These systems minimize the possibility of key copying and illegal entry. Additionally, changing the passcode for keyless locks can often be easier and less expensive than rekeying traditional locks.

Smart locks

Smart locks are a type of remote access key in Fairfax, VA, but they go above and beyond simply allowing access without a key. Smart locks connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to lock or unlock doors remotely using your phone, be notified whenever your door has been unlocked and much more. A common feature of smart locks is to automatically unlock your door when your phone is near the lock, letting you get inside without fumbling for a key.

Smart locks are a great option for residential homeowners who want greater control over their homes. The added benefit of smart locks is that they work using an app on your phone, meaning you can control your locks from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet.

The systems are also especially useful if you are letting guests into your home. Another common feature is to set one-time-use passcodes or passcodes that have time limits to allow guests to enter the home without giving them a key or a permanent passcode.

Smart locks do have drawbacks, though. Despite adding greater control over your locks, the systems do rely on internet access, meaning a failure in Wi-Fi or power can render you without access. They are also more complicated and may not be ideal for people who are less tech-savvy.

Choosing between lock types

The type of lock you choose will ultimately depend on your needs and comfort level with technology. Smart locks will usually be more expensive, but provide greater control, while keyless locks are typically easier to use.

If you’re interested in purchasing keyless locks or remote access keys in Fairfax, VA, call Artie’s Lock And Key. We offer locksmith, rekeying and lock installation and repair services for residential, commercial and automotive clients.

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