Dealing with Jammed Door Latches

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To keep your home or commercial space safe and secure, it’s essential that all of your locks and latches are kept in proper working condition. Unfortunately, latches and doors are susceptible to wear and tear over time that can prevent them from functioning effectively. To ensure that your doors continue working, it’s important to understand how to repair jammed door latches and when you need to call for commercial door repair in Fairfax, VA to address the problem.

What causes jammed doors?

There are several issues that can cause doors to jam. Plate misalignment is one of the most common issues associated with this problem. With plate misalignment, the metal latch inside the door mechanism isn’t aligned properly with the hole in the strike plate, and that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to fully close and lock the door. A plate misalignment can happen when moisture gets into your wood door and causes components to expand and shift out of place. In other cases, this problem can be caused by shifts in your building’s foundation. To fix this problem, you might simply need to replace the locking mechanism, but it may also be necessary to replace your door if the situation is bad enough.

Another issue that might cause door latch jamming is a buildup of corrosion or debris inside the locking mechanism. Rust, dirt, debris and dust can all interfere with the locking mechanism and jam your door. You might be able to fix this jam by removing your locking mechanism and cleaning it thoroughly with diluted vinegar. After cleaning your locking mechanism, you should also reseal your lock components using car wax or a similar product that will reduce the risk of corrosion reappearing.

In some cases, a jammed latch is simply caused by broken components inside the locking mechanism. Many of the parts inside your lock are fragile, and they are more likely to become damaged or broken as time passes and your door experiences regular wear and tear. If you have an older lock, it might be time to replace it. You can consult with a technician who specializes in commercial door repair in Fairfax, VA to determine the best option depending on your particular door. They will be able to recommend new locks that will offer better functionality and long-term performance.

Schedule commercial door repair in Fairfax, VA

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