Is It Better to Rekey or Change Locks?

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Sometimes we lose our keys. Other times, we move into new homes with different locks. In cases like these and many other instances, you’ll hear conflicting advice. One person will tell you to rekey the locks and another will recommend completely replacing them. As a locksmith with over 45 years of experience in this field, let us explain when you should rekey or change locks in Fairfax, VA.

Key control

The main reason people look into replacing or rekeying locks in Fairfax, VA is because they are concerned about key control. This is the phrase used to describe the process of accounting for every key that can access your home, vehicle or business.

If you bought a home, the previous owners might have given out spares to any number of people who never returned their copied keys. If you are moving into a brand-new house in a single-builder community, there are likely a few construction master keys that can still open your doors. Due to the way these locks are built to allow for master keys, a construction company or contractor might have up to 16 different keys that could provide access to your home or building.

What’s the difference?

Changing the locks and rekeying are two very different tasks. When you change the locks, you are actually swapping out the hardware in the door. Both the keys and lock are new.

However, with rekeying service in Fairfax, VA, you only end up with new keys. It’s the same hardware that’s been there all along. A locksmith replaces the pins and springs in the locking mechanism so your old keys will no longer work.

Should I rekey or swap out the locks?

If your main concern is key control, you only need to rekey your locks in Fairfax, VA. To have your residential or commercial property rekeyed costs way less than replacing all of the locks. It also takes a lot less time to rekey your locks instead of modifying them entirely.

You should change the locks in Fairfax, VA when the hardware is no longer functioning properly. Just like anything else, locks experience normal wear and tear over the years. If your lock jams or turning the key isn’t accomplished in a smooth motion, the time has come to change them out.

A lot of residential and commercial property owners decide to get new locks for their doors to coordinate the overall color or style with the rest of the structure. With newer locks featuring smart technology available, others decide to upgrade their locks for better security.

Should I call a locksmith?

A lot of our clients come to us for lock replacement or rekeying service in Fairfax, VA after they’ve tried to handle the job on their own. Locks are deceptively harder to swap out than they might appear. Rekeying kits that you can purchase online or at a hardware store are notoriously faulty and unreliable.

If you need your home, vehicle or commercial building rekeyed or want all of the locks replaced, get in touch with the experts at Artie’s Lock and Key. Since 1975, the local community has called us for everything related to automotive, commercial and residential locks and keys. Contact us now to schedule service.

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