What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Motorcycle Key

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No matter how well you watch over your motorcycle key, mistakes can happen. Losing your motorcycle key is always frustrating, as it can leave you stranded. That said, there are many motorcycle key replacement options.

Don’t let a missing motorcycle key ruin your entire day. A locksmith can usually provide riders with an emergency motorcycle key as long as they provide the right information.

Read on for tips on what to do when you’ve lost your motorcycle key.

Find the code on the cylinder

If you’re looking for an older motorcycle model, you might notice several of them don’t come with ignition keys. This is fairly common and no cause for emergency, as you’ll just need to have a locksmith make a new motorcycle key.

To do this, you first need to find the cylinder code located on the motorcycle’s ignition cylinder. You can usually find this on the instrument cluster, somewhere between the speedometer and tachometer. The code should be somewhere around four digits.

After finding the code, take a picture with your phone, and head to your local locksmith. They should be able to look up that code and make a replica key.

Bring your ignition cylinder to a locksmith

For whatever reason, you may have trouble finding the cylinder code on your motorcycle. One of the other options for motorcycle key replacement involves bringing your entire ignition cylinder to a local locksmith.

If you’re worried about damaging your ignition cylinder, have a local mechanic remove it for you. After doing so, bring the device to your locksmith, and let them examine it. They will then make an emergency motorcycle key by first creating a mold of the cylinder’s lock.

Since this method is a bit more complicated than simply bringing in a cylinder code, it usually costs more. That’s why it’s good to call your locksmith ahead of time for an estimate.

Contact the dealership

This is usually the last option for motorcycle riders because it’s more expensive than working with a locksmith. When working with the dealership, you’ll have to first find the vehicle’s VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number. This number, which is distinct to every vehicle, is usually located somewhere on the steering neck.

Next you’ll need to gather proof of ownership to show the dealership, as they won’t provide you an emergency motorcycle key otherwise. Be sure to contact the dealership first and see what specific documents they require, which may include the vehicle’s title, registration and receipt.

After bringing all the right documentation to the dealership, they should be able to make you a new key without much problem.

Work with a good locksmith

Working with a good locksmith will ensure you get a fair price on your new emergency motorcycle key. At Artie’s Lock and Key, we provide our services to drivers all over Fairfax, VA. As long as you have all the right information, we can offer you a variety of motorcycle key replacement options to meet your needs. Reach out today to learn more!

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