Why Smart Locks Are a Must Have for the Holidays

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Why Smart Locks Are a Must-Have for the Holidays

Holidays are synonymous with visiting family and having fun, often in places away from home which require accommodation. Whether you are the renter or the visitor of the holiday lodgings, having the property kitted out with a smart lock will ensure fewer problems with entry keys.

Is a smart lock a good idea?

Smart locks allow for convenient access to your home. Whether you want to access your own home or are renting a holiday home, smart locks remove the necessity for a physical key to open the door.

The smart lock opens the door with a signal transmitted over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without needing a key.

Various models of smart locks are available, depending on your preference of which technology you trust the most. You can get locks that open by using your phone or a code you need to punch into a keypad. If you don’t want to ditch the key completely, there are smart locks that act as key safes mounted next to your front door that allow you to access a physical key when you punch in the correct secret code. A definite safety upgrade of “the key is hidden under the third plant under the window, counting from the left” type of scenario.

What are the benefits of smart locks?

As you allow technology to automate various functions in your home, installing smart locks is the next step to a safer, more convenient home.

There are different smart locks available on the market, and you can choose according to what you need the lock to do. For instance, you may want to keep tabs on who enters and leaves your home while you are not there. 

A smart lock can record every time the door is opened or closed. Each person allowed to enter is given a specific code, and as the codes are recorded throughout the day, you will be able to see who has entered your home and how long they stay. This feature is especially helpful when you have a cleaning or dog walking service you pay for by the hour. Not only does it prevent those service companies from overcharging you, but it also provides peace of mind that your home has been cleaned and your dog has had his walk.

A smart lock allows you to open and close your home remotely. If you have visitors renting out your holiday property, it saves them the inconvenience of picking up and looking after a physical key. A simple code you send to their phone can open the door and allow them access to come and go throughout their stay. 

Smart key technology has made our homes more secure and easier to enter. The various smart locks available are relatively easy to install, but to be sure that the installation is done professionally, it is a good idea to consult your locksmith. 

Artie’s Lock and Key locksmith services are always ready to help if you need a new smart lock installation or need to sort out some issues with your existing smart lock. Call us at (703) 273-2177, or visit Artie’s Lock and Key, 11204 Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22030.

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