The Three Basic Types of Electronic Door Locks for Your Home

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Do you always lock the doors to your house when you leave, or are you constantly misplacing your house keys? Luckily, there’s one option that seems to be the simplest solution to these and other common problems for many homeowners: electronic door locks. This type of modern lock ensures your door is locked every time you need it to be, and you don’t even have to be present at your home to check that it’s locked. Any locksmith in Fairfax, VA will tell you that electronic door locks are one of the newest and most effective ways to protect your home, so let’s get familiar with this particular style of lock!

There are three basic types of electronic door locks you could get for your home, each sporting slightly different functions and offering varying levels of security. Below is a breakdown of the three types of electronic locks and their functions.

Keypad locks

One type of electronic door lock is the keypad lock. You won’t need to have a key when you have this lock on your door. All you have to do to gain entry is punch a code into the keypad. An advantage of having this type of system is not having to fumble or search for your house key—especially when you have your hands full with kids, grocery bags or work stuff. Once you punch in the code, the door will unlock.

Keypad locks are also great if you have temporary visitors needing to get inside your house. Simply program a code that will only stay active for the duration of their visit. Note that some keypad locks allow you to check your lock status remotely.

Keyless entry systems

Another type of electronic door lock is the keyless entry system or key fob lock. It works similarly to a vehicle’s keyless entry in that you have a fob on a key ring with a button that locks and unlocks the doors. There’s no keypad to touch with a keyless entry system, and you can be several feet away but the door locks will still activate. While this type of entry system is great for adults, children may lose their key fob too easily. Keep in mind that this type of locking system is not supported by smart home security computers, so it does not work with the internet.

Remote access locks

Many professional locksmiths in Fairfax, VA agree that remote access locks are the best type of electronic locks, as this type of system is extremely safe and secure. It works very well with your smart home security system, meaning you will be able to monitor the locks from your phone, computer, tablet or other mobile device. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can check the status of the locks at any time. It’s also convenient. For instance, when you are not home, you can remotely unlock the door for maintenance people or visitors, as well as change the access code if you need to from your phone or computer.

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