How to Identify the Most Common Types of Locks

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Before you decide to change an old security lock on your Fairfax, VA home’s front door or any other exterior door, it’s best to get familiar with your lock options. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common types of security locks you may have in your home:

  • Padlocks: Padlocks are a type of security lock that are typically not permanently attached to a door, window or something else. These types of locks are portable and available in a range of sizes, and very recognizable in one of two forms—keyed and combination. Combination padlocks have one or more number dials that only open with a number code, while padlocks with U-shaped security bars require a key to open. The keyed options are either rekeyable or non-rekeyable.
  • Deadbolts: Most homes are fitted with deadbolts at each external door. There are three popular varieties of deadbolts—single, double and lockable thumb turn—with single cylinder deadbolts with a thumb turn on the inside being common on most homes in America. This type of lock is great for security, and most are rekeyable.
  • Knob locks: Knob locks are installed in residential homes on exterior doors and usually in addition to deadbolts. This type of lock typically has a keyhole on the outside and a thumb/finger turn switch on the inside. For security efficiency, it’s advised that you always pair knob locks with deadbolts on exterior doors, because on knob locks the locking mechanism/lock cylinder is actually inside the knob, and not the door. Criminals can easily knock the knob off the door using a hammer or another hefty object to gain entry into your home.
  • Lever handle locks: Lever handle locks are regularly installed on the inner doors in commercial building settings, but can be added to residential doors too. They are easy to open thanks to their large handle and push down style—no knob turning required—which makes them an excellent choice when handicap accessibility is important.
  • Furniture locks: It’s not uncommon for some pieces of furniture to have small, strong locks on them, including display cabinets, desks and sliding doors on furniture. There are two main styles of furniture locks—bolt style and push button style. The bolt style has a piece of flat metal that extends to the side of the lock to secure the lock in place. It’s often found on drawers, cabinets and desks. The push button style has a rod that comes out the back of the lock that’s used to secure things in place, such as with filing cabinets and sliding doors.
  • Euro profile cylinders: Although Euro profile cylinder locks are mostly used in Europe, they are also used in North America in some sliding glass doors and room dividing doors. If you need a new sliding door lock on your Fairfax, VA patio door, consider this type of lock.

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