Stay Safe After Locking Your Keys in the Car

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Sometimes you make a mistake or forget about something, and if that’s your car keys late at night, that can be a problem. While you wait for auto locksmiths in Fairfax, VA to help you out, you’ll want to keep safe during that time. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can protect yourself and stay out of harm’s way:

  • Find a phone: First things first—you’ll want to find a phone to make some calls. For most people, that means using their cellphone. However, if you’ve locked your phone in your car as well, you’ll want to find one as soon as possible. That may mean going back to your place of work or whichever establishment you just left and asking to use the phone. At this point, you’ll want to call a mobile locksmith in Fairfax, VA, like Artie’s Lock and Key, to come unlock your car. You may also want to call a friend or family member to come pick you up, or just to come by to make sure you’re safe and wait with you.
  • When to call 911: Calling 911 should be a last resort, and simply locking your keys in your car doesn’t warrant that call. However, one time to call 911 in a lockout situation is if you lock young children in the car with your keys. In this case, the child’s safety could be at stake, especially on a hot summer day.
  • Don’t break anything: One thing not to do is panic. You don’t want to lose your cool in this situation. In most cases, you don’t want to break a window to get into your car. That leads to another set of problems, including having to get the window fixed. There’s also the fact that there will be a broken window on your car, which is an open invitation for vandals to get into your car and for vermin to make your car their home. In most cases you’ll just want to wait in a safe place for a mobile locksmith in Fairfax, VA to arrive.
  • Be aware: Find a safe place to wait for an auto locksmith in Fairfax, VA. It doesn’t have to be in view of your car. You can ask the locksmith to give you a call when they’re about to arrive. This will allow you to wait somewhere you feel safe that may not be near the car. You also don’t want to accept rides from strangers. While most people have good intentions, some people may not. Getting a ride home doesn’t help if you’re supposed to be waiting for a locksmith.

Locking yourself out of your car doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. If you stay calm and cool, everything will be alright. Artie’s Lock and Key is a reliable and fast mobile locksmith in Fairfax, VA. We’ve been in business for more than 40 years, providing helpful service throughout the region. Our professional locksmiths can handle any job and are more than happy to help out if you lock yourself out of your car. Get in touch as soon as you need us!

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