Why Sliding Doors Are Appealing to Burglars

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Thieves’ favorite thing to see when they are looking to get into a house is sliding doors. An experienced burglar can break into a home in around a minute. Sliding doors can be a weakness in home security, usually because they are often left unsecured and aren’t easily reinforced to begin with. Here are some of the reasons sliding glass doors are so weak:

  • Simple latches: Some people don’t bother to lock or securely close their sliding doors. This makes them very attractive to burglars. And even if you do remember to lock them, most sliding doors have simple latches. Some burglars can easily get in, just by jiggling and jostling the lock. One way to fix this issue is to install a heavy-duty lock. Businesses like Artie’s Lock and Key can install a sliding door lock in Fairfax, VA. This will stop a burglar from simply opening the door by jiggling it.
  • Not in view: Most sliding glass doors are concealed from prying eyes. This can be a problem if a burglar hopes to use it to get in. Their location means less of a chance for you or someone else to spot the suspicious person and call the police. Having an alarm on the door can quickly alert you if someone is trying to get in. It won’t replace a sliding door lock in Fairfax, VA, but it can scare away the burglar or give you enough time to call the cops.
  • Window into the home: While the sliding glass door can be a nice window to the outside, it’s also a window to the inside of your home. Any burglars can see what’s in your home, giving them an idea of what to quickly grab and get out with. Blinds, drapes or shades can block burglars’ view, stopping them from easily surveying your home for valuables. You can also use a privacy film that will obscure specific details. It will still let in light without requiring you to fiddle with blinds, while preventing anyone from the outside getting a good look inside your home.
  • Easily broken: Design-wise, sliding doors can be wonderful. They add a nice view and can brighten a room up. They also come with some weaknesses. They’re not nearly as sturdy or secure as a normal door. Anyone who really wants to get in can break the glass panels or push the door off the tracks. It can be something easy to pull off, especially compared to a wooden or steel door. Placing a wooden dowel in the track of a sliding door can provide a much-needed sense of security.

Protecting your home is an important part of being a homeowner. If you have a sliding glass door, that may mean calling Artie’s Lock and Key to install a sliding door lock. Our professional locksmiths in Fairfax, VA are up for any job and are more than happy to help you secure your home. We are fully equipped to make you feel safe inside your house. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for repair or installation.

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