What Are Remote Access Keys and Why Do I Need One?

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In our increasingly technological age, it’s hard to imagine going anywhere without your phone. These hubs of data and internet access come with us almost everywhere, unlike other physical items, including keys. This can lead to a tricky situation if you leave home in a rush, phone in hand, only to realize your keys are locked inside the house.

Fortunately, all this new technology has provided us with a way to utilize our smartphones in a new, innovative way. New locking mechanisms transform our smartphones into digital keys for the locks on our homes or commercial businesses. Remote access keys in Fairfax, VA provide tenants the opportunity to lock and unlock their doors using their phones instead of a physical key.

This technology certainly sounds interesting, but you may be thinking, “Do I really need this?” While it may seem a little over the top, remote access keys are actually a great solution to problems that physical locks and keys have caused over many decades.

Understanding remote access key systems

Also referred to as “smart lock” systems, remote access locks are hi-tech ways to lock and unlock doors using the internet. Users can use their cell phones, tablets and other internet-connected devices to control the locks on their homes or businesses remotely.

This allows you to access locking information from just about anywhere. If you’re not sure if you actually locked the door before you left, you don’t need to go home anymore—you can simply pull out your smartphone and lock the door from wherever you are. When you return home, your phone can connect to the Wi-Fi system and unlock your door automatically as you approach it.

These types of locking systems utilize Wi-Fi enabled locks and mobile apps to control remote access. There’s no need for keys, but users can also set up a code to enter on a physical keypad as a backup security measure if their phone is dead or lost.

Many remote access keys also have other great features that make life easier for you. You can schedule a code to work during specific times of the day, so if a maintenance person needs to visit for repairs, they’ll only have access when they’re expected to be there. The code can be changed remotely, too, in case you’ve had a security breach.

The mobile app that works with your remote access lock can also notify you every time someone enters your home, so you know if there’s been an intrusion. With access and notifications from anywhere, you can feel much more safe and know your home is truly secure.

Who needs remote access keys in Fairfax, VA?

Remote access keys may not be the right choice for everyone, but their simple design and useful features can help in a variety of applications.

This kind of system is great for people who tend to forget their keys a lot. Rather than chase down a locksmith in Fairfax, VA or wait for someone with a key, you can use the keypad to let yourself into your home or let your phone’s wireless connection unlock the door for you when you get close.

They’re also ideal for people who have guests visiting their house often. If you rent rooms of your home to AirBnB patrons, for example, you can set a code for them to use when they arrive, so you can stick to your existing schedule without fuss.

Contact a locksmith in Fairfax, VA to learn more about remote locking systems

If you’re interested in installing remote access locks in your home, contact a local locksmith like Artie’s Lock and Key. Our team offers full-service residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services. Visit us for rekeying, lockouts, lock installation and repair and access control systems. We’d be happy to help you promptly and provide our services with the ultimate level of customer care.

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