What Not to Do When You’re Locked Out of Your Safe

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Have you ever suddenly forgotten the entry code to your safe? If so, you know that it’s not a good feeling! During this discomforting time, you may be tempted to Google “how to crack a locked safe” to try to find a quick way to open a safe by yourself. However, that’s not a good idea—trying to crack a safe on your own will lead to problems 10 times out of 10. Continue reading to learn more about the dangers of trying to unlock a safe without help from a professional safe cracker in Fairfax, VA:

  • Don’t override your security system: These days, safes have all sorts of backup security systems to ensure that nobody gets in without the proper code—not even the owner! That said, anyone with an internet connection can look up possible ways to try to override those systems. That’s not a good idea—one wrong move and your safe can go into a penalty lockout mode that prevents you from opening the safe unless you break it.
  • Don’t mess with the wiring: Your next thought might be to disassemble the safe’s wiring. Again, steps on how to do this can likely be found with a quick Google search. However, just like trying to override the security system, this is a bad idea. There are two possible outcomes when you mess with the wiring: your safe will go into a manual lockout mode, or you’ll damage the electrical components of your safe, and it’ll be useless altogether.
  • Don’t drill into a locked safe: The bad guys in heist movies always seem to try to drill into a safe to get to the goods inside. While that might work on the big screen, it’s bound to lead to a disaster in real life. Regardless of the type of safe you have, trying to drill into it will most likely break the unit, which will necessitate expensive repairs.

Things you can try

Now that you know what not to do when you’re locked out of your safe, it might be helpful to go over a few things that you can do to try to regain access:

  • Call the manufacturer: First, you can try to call the manufacturer to see if they can help unlock your safe. As long as you have your safe’s serial number or can prove that the safe is actually yours, the manufacturer might be able to recommend some tips to reset your entry code.
  • Call a safe cracker: Have no fear if your manufacturer can’t help—that’s why we’re here! As an experienced safe cracker in Fairfax, VA, you can trust that we can open your safe and help you reset your combination if you can’t remember it.

The next time you need someone to open your safe, be sure to call our pros at Artie’s Lock And Key. We’ll send someone out to your home or business right away to professionally, quickly and safely unlock your safe without causing any damage.

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