Consider These Five Commercial Storefront Security Ideas

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Saving money is at the top of many business owners’ to-do lists, but you should not have to choose between cost-efficiency, storefront appearance and effective security. To get what you want, you need to consider all three factors—invest in a secure and proper function storefront door. Make sure the deadbolt locks work and that the door is always in good condition. If you have concerns whether your business’s locks and doors are secure enough, hire a professional for an assessment.

Here’s some helpful advice from a commercial locksmith in Fairfax, VA regarding business storefront security ideas.

Perform regular maintenance

Locks will need to be replaced at some point, but there’s an easy way to save money over the years: keep up with maintenance. The fact of the matter is that performing regular maintenance helps to keep locks in good working order and prime condition.

But while maintenance and care can extend the lifespan of storefront locks, you must also consider how much the lock gets used. Let’s look at deadbolt locks and keys. Having to fight the key into the keyhole or needing to wiggle the key in the keyhole to unlock a door are not good signs—in fact, they are not typical issues. The pressure put on the deadbolt can stress out the locking mechanisms and reduce the lifespan of the lock.

The benefits of performing routine lock maintenance include cleaning and lubricating the latches, bolts and keyholes. This decreases the friction placed on the metallic components that grind against each other. You can perform some types of maintenance yourself, but hiring a professional locksmith company ensures the job is done thoroughly and correctly.

Re-key instead of replacing locks

One of the best things business owners can do to protect their business is to ensure storefront security by installing quality deadbolt locks. Over time and after frequent use, locks can weaken, or a business owner might decide it’s time to improve the security of the building. This could lead to unnecessarily replacing the entire locking system. If the locks are still functional but you have security on your mind, save your money and consider re-keying the lock instead. A pro will come to you and alter the pins in the lock until the new key works with it.

Install commercial business locks

Did you know there are door locks and locking systems that are made specifically for commercial business spaces? While there are plenty of quality residential locks on the market that are enticing to business owners, it’s important to understand the factors that differentiate private home locks from commercial grade locks. A major difference is that locks made for storefronts are technologically advanced to withstand much lot more daily use than home locks. They can hold up against wear and tear and take more damage than typical residential locks.

Whether you’re a business owner in need of key duplication, access control installation or commercial door repair in Fairfax, VA, you can trust the team at Artie’s Lock and Key to get the job done right. Call us anytime to schedule a commercial service!

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