Picking the Right Type of Safe for Your Home

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Safes are more common in homes than most people realize. Residential safes are used to protect things that are in some way important and valuable, but choosing one is not so simple. What is it you need to protect? Do you need a heavy, yet compact safe because space is a factor? Which worries you more: the possibility of the contents of your safe being destroyed in a fire, or the possibility of their being stolen?

Before running out and purchasing just any safe, you should have an idea of what you are looking for—and who better to talk to than a licensed locksmith and safe cracker in Fairfax, VA? Below is some information about the main types of safes, including shapes, sizes and colors, as well as tips for picking the right one for your needs.

Fire safe

A fire safe is designed to protect the things locked securely inside it from fire. These types of safes are often used to protect important papers and documents from going up in flames should a fire break out in your home. A thing to note about fire safes is that they are tested based on their performance in a fire situation, rather than on their security. The criteria for fire safe testing include the temperature of the fire, length of time in minutes and how well it maintains a certain internal temperature.

Burglary safe

This type of safe is constructed to protect your valuables and precious belongings from theft. Like other types of residential safes, burglary safes are typically available in a variety of sizes, but the goal is always the same: to store important items and documents in the event of a home break-in. The right burglary safe can be effective at protecting the contents against criminals. However, they cannot guarantee protection against fire or other types of damage.

Fire and burglary safe in one

As its name implies, fire and burglary safes offer a combination of the best of both types of home safes. They are considered multi-purpose, a blend of fire safety and burglary safety to protect your possessions from thieves or fire damage. You should seriously consider this particular type of residential safe if you want to ensure all-around safety for your belongings. Or, if you need to store and protect a variety of different things, get a fire and burglary safe instead of purchasing two different safes.

Data safe

Many people have never heard of this data safe option. This type of safe is similar to fire safes, except that the qualifications for data safes are much more specific. Also, the criteria are stricter, and ratings are more difficult to achieve. When going through testing, data safes must maintain a lower internal and external temperature in a fire situation. They must also be able to protect belongings and information from a variety of other things, like electromagnetic contamination and humidity.

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