Benefits of Having an Automatic Door Opener in Your Home

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The advances in smart home technology have changed the way we live. Thanks to the new devices available on the market today, disabled individuals find themselves better equipped to access every part of their own homes as well as those of loved ones and friends. One of the most helpful devices is the handicapped door opener in Fairfax, VA.

Mobility with ease

One of the main reasons that client after client have hired us to install a handicapped door opener in Fairfax, VA is that it makes life so much easier. Available in multiple models and designs, finding and installing the right automatic door openers for your home is simple. These door openers can operate with motion sensors or by remote control. As long as a doorway meets ADA size requirements, we can find you a door opener that is within your budget and meets your needs.

Connect your whole home

Automatic door openers paired with other smart home devices bring your residence into the 21st Century. Whether you have automatic openers on entrance doors or doors throughout the property, you can monitor each door’s activity and lock any of them from wherever you are at that moment. You have more control over your abode when you install door openers that are connected to your smart home devices.

Increased accessibility

If there are rooms or parts of your home that are hard to access, automatic door openers can help. Don’t let a door get in the way of using every space in your house. Instead, consider your options for automatic door openers.

Improved privacy

Those limited to a wheelchair often struggle with opening and closing standard doors. This hinders how much privacy these people experience day in and day out. Fortunately, automatic door openers offer disabled users the same amount of privacy as anyone else. By installing door openers in your home, you no longer have to struggle with protecting the privacy you deserve.


More than anything, the greatest benefit to automatic door openers is their convenience. With a click or just moving through your home as you would normally, doors open and you can go about whatever it is you were doing. This makes everyday tasks like washing clothes or bringing in groceries easier than ever before.

Simple installation

Too many people dismiss the idea of automatic door openers in their homes because they think the installation process will be too complicated. If you are attempting to put in your door openers, this task can be challenging. However, there are companies that will install these devices for you. You can relax while a team of professionals handles the heavy lifting and dirty work.

People with disabilities are the largest and fastest-growing minority in the United States. These individuals have specific needs that can be easily met with new technology, such as the residential handicapped door opener in Fairfax, VA. If you or someone you care about would benefit from automatic door openers, contact us today to discuss your options and schedule an installation.

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