Why You Shouldn’t Break Into Your Own Car

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We’ve all been there: you’re rushing to get somewhere and you get out of the car, only to realize the doors are locked with the keys inside. The urge to just break your own window to retrieve the keys is tempting, especially if you are in a hurry to get to your next destination. However, you will soon understand why it’s better to call an automobile locksmith in Fairfax, VA if you find yourself locked out of your vehicle.

It’s not as easy as breaking a window

You notice your keys trapped in your car or truck, so you think to yourself, “Sure, I’ll just break the window and get back to my life.” You’ll find this a much harder task than you realize, as most cars, especially those manufactured in the last decade, have numerous security and safety features in place. This means breaking a window isn’t as simple as it sounds, and you’re better off contacting an automobile locksmith in Fairfax, VA instead.

Mistaken for a criminal

Let’s say you are stuck outside of your car and a police officer driving by notices that someone is trying to break into the vehicle. They don’t know that you are the car’s owner. The next thing you know, you are being questioned by law enforcement personnel on the side of the road. You are going to have an especially hard time explaining your circumstances if your driver’s license and/or registration are locked in your car or truck along with your keys.

Injure yourself

Physically attempting to overcome your car’s security and safety features by breaking a window could mean that you inadvertently hurt yourself. Whether the injury is caused by trying to break the glass or the broken glass slices you up as you reach into your car to get your keys, breaking a window is a surefire way to injure yourself, which then requires a trip to the hospital or doctor, on top of needing to replace your window.

Damage your vehicle

In your attempts to break a window to retrieve your keys, you are more likely to cause damage to your car or truck. Then, once you’ve sorted out the situation with your keys, you have to take your automobile to a mechanic for costly repairs. Don’t let a mistake like locking your keys in your vehicle turn into an expensive process that takes your car off the road for a longer time.

Target for crime

As you are doing your best to break into your own vehicle to get the keys, some person with a weapon notices an opportunity. You are distracted and vulnerable. This assailant jumps at the chance to rob you or worse.

You can go through the hassle of trying to break into your own car when the keys have been locked inside—or you can save yourself the time, money and frustration by simply getting in touch with an automobile locksmith in Fairfax, VA. This expert will have you back in your vehicle and on the road quickly, without a mess or additional fees. If you are locked out of your automobile, call Artie’s Lock and Key now.

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