Reasons to Change Your Company’s Locks

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Regardless of which industry your business is in, you are undoubtedly worried about security. Companies in Fairfax, VA are especially susceptible. Experts suggest that the city has a crime rate 76 percent higher than the average of cities and towns throughout the state. A significant portion of that crime involves incidents targeted at businesses.

Whether you are worried about your employees’ safety or you want to make sure that your stock is secured, the first line of defense in any well-secured company is a strong lock. Are your locks secured, or is it time to call in a skilled commercial locksmith in Fairfax, VA and have them changed?

Here are some signs to look out for.

People are always locked out

What price does your company put on convenience? If people are continually having to get out of their chair to open the door to your business because one of your employees is locked out, you are losing valuable productivity. It might be time to change the locks. Maybe there’s a malfunction. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a better system. Either way, it’s time to call a pro.

Someone was recently fired

One of the most compelling times to call a commercial locksmith in Fairfax, VA to change your locks is in the days following a firing. Regardless of why someone was let go and whether or not you think they would pose the business any harm, it’s always best to play it safe and change the locks. There’s no telling what changes may happen to a person’s psyche in the days following the loss of their job, and it’s best not to take chances.

You moved

If your company has moved into new offices or to a new brick-and-mortar location, one of the first things to do to ensure everyone’s security is to get the locks changed. Regardless of what you’re told, it’s critical to ensure that no one can get into your business but the people you want.

Your locks are old

If you can’t remember the last time you had your company’s locks changed, it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and have them swapped out for new ones. Keep in mind that keys or swipe cards get lost, stolen or copied over the life of a lock. In other words, the longer your lock is installed, the higher risk you run of having the key to your front door land in the wrong hands.

Trust in the best

Don’t take chances by picking a subpar commercial locksmith in Fairfax, VA. Place a call to Artie’s Lock and Key. We use state-of-the-art methods to repair, replace or open your locks. It doesn’t matter if you’re locked out of your car, your home, your office or your storefront—we can help.

That commitment to cutting-edge service is just one of the reasons that Artie’s Lock and Key has built a reputation for excellence since we opened our doors in 1975. You can also count on us for first-rate customer care and quick, reliable service. That’s our promise to you. Give us a call today to learn more.

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