Is Your Store ADA Compliant?

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Every business owner wants an operation that appeals to all customers. We all know that we’d only be limiting ourselves if we had a business that only some people find interesting or attractive. This is not limited to the services we offer or the products that we sell, however—we also want to make sure all of our friends in the community can physically access our place of business, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lays out guidelines to help facilitate this. At Artie’s Lock and Key, ADA compliance in Fairfax, VA is something we take very seriously and study closely, so we’re happy to provide the following quick tips to our fellow business owners.

What does “readily achievable” mean?

One of the key components of the ADA that business owners should always keep in mind is how it words some of its suggested changes. The phrase “readily achievable” comes up over and over throughout the legislation, and it’s important to understand just exactly what this means for ADA compliance in Fairfax, VA.

In essence, something being “readily achievable” means it’s a change a business can be reasonably expected to make. Cost is not factored in—if there is a change you can make to your store to ensure it’s accessible to all customers, you need to move forward with it. There is some gray area here, however, so be sure to consult a lawyer if you’re unsure whether something qualifies as being readily achievable.

Where to look for compliance issues

Every commercial property has areas that can be tricky to get into compliance with ADA requirements. Most of these won’t come as a surprise—parking lots, curbs and stairways can all create trouble for customers who have difficulties getting around.

However, there’s also the matter of door accessibility – investing in doors that require minimal or no physical action to open and close can go a long way toward ensuring your business is ADA compliant. With relatively recent advances in technology, such as keyless entry systems, lever locksets, automatic doors, power-assisted doors and more, the lock industry has played a major role in forwarding the aims of the ADA.

Artie’s Lock and Key has handled a number of projects over the years to get our customers in compliance with ADA requirements, and we’d love to discuss your options with you.

Why does it matter?

ADA compliance in Fairfax, VA is important for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s just the right thing to do—you want to make sure every single member of your community regards your business as a welcoming and accessible place. Second of all, it’s the law – you can set yourself up for significant lawsuits and financial penalties if you fail to bring your company’s storefront into compliance with these federal regulations.

Finally, it’s just good business. You can expand your base of potential customers by doing everything in your power to expand access. Advertising is one way to get your products and services across to people, but so is making sure your storefront offers a welcoming and accessible experience for everyone. For more information about how we can help, contact Artie’s Lock and Key today.

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