Advantages of High-Security Door Locks

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Whether you’re looking to beef up the security at your home or at a commercial property, one of the first lines of defense available to you is a good-quality lock. When top-level security is a priority, you should carefully analyze the available selection of high-security door lock systems on the market in Fairfax, VA and choose one that makes the most sense for your needs.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the primary advantages associated with going with one of these systems:

  • Remote monitoring: Many high-security door lock systems offer remote monitoring capabilities, thanks to the advancements in technology used in the field. These lock systems are often wi-fi enabled, meaning you can use any internet-connected device to watch the locks, control your alarms and set security alerts. In many cases, these locks come with recommended apps you can use on your phone to track your locks wherever you go. These remote monitoring capabilities give you constant peace of mind over the security of your home or business, and give you instant alerts if there’s an attempted break-in or unauthorized access.
  • Access control: Another one of the main benefits of high-security locks is that they provide you with much more sophisticated control over who is allowed to access particular areas—a feature that is especially important for business owners. You can set up a master key system that allows you to completely customize access into certain areas, so you can keep parts of your property restricted only to those who absolutely need to have access. If a person attempts to use their key to access an unauthorized area, the door will not open.
  • Tamper-proof technology: The sophisticated, high-tech nature of these door locks makes them extremely difficult to tamper with. Mechanisms in some of the heavier-duty locks you’ll find on the market are only capable of being opened with the pins on your keys, making it extremely difficult for someone to break in through the lock on your home or business. It’s just one added level of security that will ensure greater protection of your property and everything inside.
  • Difficult to duplicate keys: Standard keys can be easily duplicated at any hardware store, which can be a big security risk if a key gets lost and the person who finds it knows the door(s) it opens. But with high-security door locks, you get keys with a unique design that makes them very difficult to duplicate. Only with the services of a licensed locksmith who has experience in high-security doors will you be able to get the key duplicated, which means it’s a safer option for your property.

These are just a few examples of some of the biggest advantages associated with the use of high-security locks in Fairfax, VA for residential and commercial properties. To learn more about the various options available for your security and the best choices to meet your security goals, we encourage you to contact a trusted locksmith at Artie’s Lock and Key with any questions you have.

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