What Are High Security Locks?

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When you need to protect your business, the term “high security door locks” is likely to come up in conversation—especially if you’re consulting a professional locksmith about security solutions. But what does “high security” really mean? How is one lock any more secure than any other? It’s a valid question, and one many Fairfax, VA business owners ask themselves when deciding between specific types of locks.

While your first instinct might be to think “high security door locks” are a sales tactic by locksmiths to see a more expensive product, there’s actually a whole lot of merit to this upper echelon of lock type. Here’s a look at what makes a lock “high security” and what having a high security lock installation means for your business.

Defining “high security” locks

High security locks are those that offer added layers of protection against unwanted intrusion. This definition is better understood in context. For example, next to a generic door handle lock, a deadbolt might be considered high security, since it offers superior protection.

On the total scale of locks, high security lock installations are defined as those with anti-tampering safeguards and locks that provide a superior degree of resistance to forced entry. They often come with peripheral reinforcements such as more rods and kick plates, or a more complicated pin system. Needless to say, the average criminal, trespasser or general ne’er-do-well isn’t going to get far drilling these locks or attempting to force their way in.

Modern-day high security door locks

Today’s modern high security locks take the concept a step further. The locking mechanisms themselves are still reinforced and heavy duty, but access control technology makes them fundamentally secure against intruders, as well. Without the right key card, passcode or biometric scan, there’s no getting past these doors.

Access control systems also offer even more security benefits that go beyond single door security, as well. For example, it’s possible to lock down an entire series of doors from a central control station in the event of an emergency. You can also revoke certain credentials if an employee loses their pass key or is fired, for example. This provides superior security at a level that goes beyond any single door or point of entry!

Security where security’s needed

A high security lock installation can be a huge cost-saving initiative for businesses in Fairfax, VA. For example, they can replace the need for CCTV at certain areas of the building by providing a steadfast defense against unwanted access. In larger buildings, they’re also a great substitute for on-site security. There’s even the cost savings of not having to cut keys or rekey or replace locks.

While security comes first with high security locks, there’s certainly an element of convenience behind them. Knowing you can rely on one of these locks to hold its own against an intruder or even deter them altogether means not having to overthink other elements of security or safety.

If you’re getting ready to upgrade your business’ locks or have been forced into the position by the failure of your current locks, consider a high security solution. It’s not a gimmick to upsell you: it’s a better class of lock for a higher level of protection.

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