How to Get a Car Key Replacement Without the Original

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There are plenty of reasons a person might need a new car key made without having the original. They may have locked the original key in their car or lost their keys entirely. No matter what the reason, being without a car key is always a frustrating situation. You may find yourself wondering how to get a replacement car key without the original in Fairfax, VA. Read on to find out!

Getting a replacement key from a locksmith

There is, of course, the option to contact your dealership and ask for a replacement car key if you have experienced a vehicle lockout. For the most part, a dealership should be able to provide you with a replacement key as you will be in their record as having purchased the vehicle. The only problem is, you will likely have to go to the dealership to pick up your key, and if the key to your only vehicle is lost, then you may need a tow truck.

Tow truck fees can be quite expensive and a big hassle, which is why many people choose to contact a locksmith instead of their car dealership. Having a locksmith in Fairfax, VA bring a car key replacement to you can save you plenty of time and money. A locksmith may even be able to help you open your car without a key.

All this being said, there is information you will need to provide to a Fairfax, VA locksmith in order for them to help open your car or provide you with a replacement car key.

Information your locksmith will need

There are several pieces of information you’ll want to have handy for when your locksmith arrives. A locksmith will want to know the make, model and year of your vehicle. They will also want to know if your keys have been stolen or were simply misplaced.

Of course, proof of ownership of the vehicle in question is needed for the locksmith to open your car or provide you with a replacement key. This will usually come in the form of your vehicle’s registration and title.

The process may also go a lot easier if you have your VIN, or vehicle identification number, on hand. This number can be found in several possible places, including the inside of your driver’s side door or in the vehicle’s manual. If you keep a car insurance card in your wallet or purse, that’s another option.

The cost of a car key replacement

If you just require a locksmith to open your car door and retrieve your keys, then you will only have to pay the locksmith’s fee. However, if you need a new key entirely, then you will have to pay a fee to have the key made. That being said, keys made by locksmiths are usually much cheaper than a replacement key from a car dealership. The cost can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the make and model of your vehicle and where you are having the replacement key made.

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