Benefits of Handicapped Door Openers

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Many businesses have adopted automatic door technology to ensure ADA compliance and to create a more accessible environment for their customers. People with mobility issues can also benefit from adding this technology to their own homes by installing a handicapped door opener.

Since your home is where comfort matters most, investing in this convenient upgrade is incredibly important for people with mobility issues, and even for seniors or children who may have challenges opening standard doors. Here are just some of the benefits of installing handicapped doors at your residence.

Improves livability

Easy entry or exit from a home is essential for everyday comfort, and this can be a challenge for people who have limited mobility or are confined to a wheelchair. One of the key benefits of having handicapped doors at home is that everyone, including wheelchair users, can enter or exit the home easily and go about their daily routine as efficiently as possible. Instead of struggling to grip a door handle, the handicapped door opener automatically opens the door for you. It’s not just the front door that can benefit from an automatic opener, but also interior doors like bedroom and bathroom doors.

Automatic door openers are also incredibly helpful for pet owners. As part of a home automation system, doors can be outfitted with technology to detect your pet’s microchip and open or close accordingly, or in some cases they can be remote control activated with a smartphone or other device. This is especially helpful for pet owners who have difficulty making it to and from the door due to mobility issues or pet owners who are often away from home.

Enhanced security

Automatic door openers can be programmed as part of an access control system, improving the safety and security of your home. Since they can be installed in virtually any room of the house, their addition can make every room of the home more secure. You can also ensure that doors throughout the home are truly closed, which is especially important for exterior doors.

Increased privacy

Home automation technology can actually make everyday life more private, since automatic doors aren’t only for garages and entry doors anymore. Many people with mobility issues find that automatic doors for bathrooms are extremely convenient and practical. There are several different types and sizes of automatic doors on the market to install in the home, as well as automatic openers for every type of door. Some people choose to install a wall keypad to open and close the door, or a smartphone operated opener. Both are excellent options that provide you with the privacy and independence you need to live comfortably at home.

An automatic handicapped door opener can make living at home much easier and safer for those with limited mobility or any other disability. They’re easy to install and work exactly when you need them to, ensuring you’re fully able to move about your home with ease. Contact Artie’s Lock and Key today to learn more about automatic door openers for the interior and exterior doors of your home.

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