How a Commercial Locksmith Secures Your Business

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Locksmiths do a lot more than just help you out when you’ve locked your keys in your car. There are many types of locksmith specialties, including residential security and commercial security. If you own a business, a commercial locksmith is an important partner in keeping your premises, and any inventory, safe and secure. Read on to learn about some of the most basic FAQs on commercial locksmiths.

What are a commercial locksmith’s primary responsibilities?

While technology has made it easier than ever to secure your business premises, thieves are always working to take advantage and exploit new technologies. No matter what industry you serve, it’s always important to be a few steps ahead to keep your investments secured. Primary responsibilities of commercial locksmiths include:

  • Installing new locks: If you’re building a new business from scratch or you have an existing business in need of new locks, you need the help of a professional commercial locksmith. This is especially important if you’re taking over a new space for your business. Since you don’t know who the previous tenant or owner may have handed spare keys to, it’s important to change the locks as soon as you take possession of the property.
  • Rekeying locks: Losing a key isn’t an uncommon occurrence. When this happens, a professional locksmith needs to rekey the locks in order for you to regain entry. An experienced locksmith is able to remove pins and springs from the lock cylinder, replacing them with new ones that will only open with a brand-new key. Many companies rekey locks when they need to let go of employees, especially when that employee may still hold keys to the building.
  • Repairing locks: It takes the expertise of a professional to repair broken keys or locks. Whether caused by general wear and tear or a faulty lock, a commercial locksmith can ensure locks operate as they should and can replace them when pins and springs start to wear out. In the case of commercial locks, an experienced locksmith can troubleshoot any issues, including those related to faulty wiring.

What situations require the assistance of a commercial locksmith?

There are two main reasons to call a commercial locksmith. Make a service call immediately to address the following problems:

  • Lockouts: Every minute you or your employees don’t have access to your building results in a loss of productivity and money. Instead of destroying your lock, call the locksmith to handle a repair without requiring full replacement.
  • Broken front door security locks: When locking up for the day, pay attention to whether the lock is working properly. Call a professional commercial locksmith immediately if the lock seems faulty—don’t leave it to chance, and get the problem handled before leaving the premises.

Now that you understand some of the basic FAQs on commercial locksmiths, you can use this knowledge to find the right professional to help you add security and safety to your business to protect your inventory and your commercial building itself. Contact Artie’s Lock and Key today to learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional commercial locksmith to secure your premises.

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