Four Elements of an Access Control System

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What makes up an access control system in Fairfax, VA? While they’re tailored to the individual needs of the organization or individual, there are four main elements that every access control system has in common. When building or designing access control technologies, it’s wise to work with experienced locksmiths—they’ll help you determine which technologies are easiest to use and most logical for your needs.

Read on for an overview of the four key elements of an access control system.

Access control barrier

The first element you’ll need is an access control barrier. This could be anything from a locked door to traffic barriers commonly seen in parking garages. You might use a fence and gate as a barrier, walls or whatever your business requires to keep others out.

The type of barrier you choose will depend on your location’s physical requirements. Naturally, barriers to keep out vehicles will look different than barriers to keep out foot traffic. Consider where you’ll be placing the barrier and what kind of security concerns you want to address.

Access control verification or identification equipment

Next you’ll need to determine what kind of verification or identification equipment you’ll need. Key cards and keypads are popular, since they’re easy to carry around or memorize. Again, the type you choose depends on your specific needs. In a hospital, you might use key cards to keep out unauthorized personnel or visitors, while a simple code entered into a keypad can be used in retail facilities.

When deciding which kind of verification or identification equipment to use, give serious consideration to safety and security: Can your employees share cards and codes with each other, or will that present another security issue? For example, if you want to protect your retail store’s stockroom, a code is often shared between employees. In other facilities, however, you might need to choose personalized access codes for each employee or visitor. Biometric systems can be a great way to address these needs.

Access control panel to control the barrier

You’ll also need a control panel to control the barrier and determine who is allowed access. Choose a control panel that will grow along with your facility, since you’ll need to maintain a database of authorized personnel.

Communication structure to connect each element

The final piece of your access control technologies is the communication structure, which transmits information between each element above. Your locksmith or access control system designer will recommend the right type of communication structure for your specific access control system.

Security is important, especially in this day and age, so it makes sense to get a state-of-the-art access control system to protect your business.

When you need experienced locksmiths and access control technologies in Fairfax, VA, call Artie’s Lock and Key. We can design, install and program access control systems for your office, hospital, retail facility, apartment complex and more. No matter what the size and scope of your system, we’re ready for the job. Call us today to get started.

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