Factors to Consider When Choosing an Access System

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Choosing the right access system for your Fairfax, VA business depends on a number of factors. Whether you’re protecting a business, school, hospital, parking garage or other facility, you need to make sure that your system can handle multiple users, intrusion attempts, access control technology updates and more. Working with an experienced locksmith can ensure that you get the appropriate system for your specific needs.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing your access system.

Why choose an electronic access system?

Physical locks and keys are a time-honored access control system, but they have their flaws. First, keys can be lost, copied or stolen, which means it’s harder to verify exactly who has access to your building.

There’s also no way to put a time limit on when a person can enter the facility, unless you plan to rekey each lock every time someone gets fired or otherwise has their access revoked. For large-scale operations, this is not only impractical but expensive.

Additionally, someone has to be in charge of keyholder management, and if there are multiple access points, each employee or manager will need to carry around multiple physical keys.

Electronic access systems solve all of these problems, whether you use key cards, keypads or biometrics. It’s much easier to control who has access to your building—and for how long.

Types of access control systems

There are three broad categories of access systems:

  • Autonomous systems: These systems have internal memory and do not need external software or intelligence to operate. They may not offer remote management, and their capacity to handle large numbers of users may vary.
  • Online systems: Online systems use a remote server to handle access control operations. When someone enters a code, swipes a key or uses biometrics, the information is sent back to the server. If the access is approved, the server sends a signal to unlock the barrier.
  • Distributed intelligence systems: These types of systems use a controller to grant access. When access is granted, the information is sent to the server and controller to record and report the event. When the communication is down, the server records the event.

Other things to consider

In addition to the type of access control system you choose, there are other things to consider. For example, you may want your access control to integrate with CCTV and other surveillance equipment, including intruder and fire alarms. This will create a robust security system that ensures only authorized personnel get into the protected areas—and it also makes it much easier to revoke their access when necessary.

To choose the right access system for your business, you want to work with an experienced system designer and installer. They’ll have the latest access control technology updates in Fairfax, VA, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a top-of-the-line access control system.

Call Artie’s Lock and Key to learn more about our access control system options and get a quote for your business.

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