Can Locksmiths Make Keys from a Lock?

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There are few things more disheartening than losing a key. The same goes for getting locked out of your home. Keys might offer security, but if lost, they can keep you, the rightful owner of your home, out as well.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that locksmiths can help you get back into your home relatively quickly. At times you may have wondered, “If I lost my key, can a locksmith use my lock to make one?” The answer is yes.

Can locksmiths make keys from a lock without a key? Also, yes. Read on to find out how.

Using a key code to cut a new key

One way that locksmiths can create a new key using just the lock is by cutting the key using its key code. This process is made tougher if you don’t have the original key, as the key code is usually stamped on the key itself. For high-security locks, a special card is provided that contains the lock’s key code, and the locksmith can use that.

A licensed locksmith can contact the manufacturer to obtain the lock’s key code. Once the locksmith obtains the lock’s key code, they can use that information to cut a new key using a code cutter. A code cutter is a machine that cuts the key according to the lock’s key code and fashions the key into a usable form. This process isn’t that difficult, but it’s not foolproof, and it can take some time to complete.

Making an impression of the lock

Have you ever wondered, “If I lost my key, can a locksmith use my lock to make one?” The answer is a resounding yes. We covered key codes above, but another nonintrusive way to craft a key is by making an impression of the lock. This is a preferred method because it’s less invasive than using key codes and doesn’t require the acquisition of the codes themselves.

The process is fairly simple if a bit imprecise. The locksmith takes a blank key and inserts it into the lock. He or she then turns the key inside the lock. This process creates impressions on the blank key as the lock’s pins press against it. This indicates where certain cuts to the key will allow it to fit into the lock and turn. The only downside is that this process is inexact and it may take several attempts to get a key that will consistently work.

Deconstructing the lock

Can locksmiths make keys from a lock without a key? Yes, they can, by taking apart the lock. This is a laborious and involved process, as the locksmith must carefully deconstruct the lock without damaging it and reverse-engineer the key by using the positioning and alignment of the lock’s pins and tumblers. If you don’t have the original key, the locksmith must pick the lock before disassembling and measuring it. Once finished, he or she must then reassemble the lock. This method is often a last resort and should be avoided if possible.

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