Smart Locks: Never Get Locked Out Again

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Smartphones have been all the rage for over a decade now—but what about smart homes? It seems like our phones and our homes will be interconnected sooner rather than later. One facet of a smart home is a smart lock.

If you’ve ever owned a vehicle with keyless entry, smart locks are similar. They are keyless door locks that can be operated remotely through a smartphone application. You can avoid getting locked out by using smart locks.

This article will cover smart locks and some tips to never get locked out of your house again.

No keys necessary

If you’ve ever tried to bring groceries inside and had to unlock your door, you understand how cumbersome that can be. With a smart lock, you can simply open an app on your smartphone and unlock your home’s door. You can do it before you even get out of your car. Never again will you have to worry about losing your keys, as you’ll have total control over your home’s locks.

Superior accessibility

Another benefit of using a smart lock is that you can operate it remotely. If you were running late and left home in a hurry, you may have forgotten to lock your door. With a smart lock, you won’t have to choose between leaving your door unlocked all day or going back to lock it. You can use the app on your smartphone to lock your door if you ever forget. You can even set it up so that you receive a notification telling you that you forgot to lock your door.

Better security

It’s true that you can avoid getting locked out with smart locks. They also provide better home security in a few different ways. First, you won’t need a spare key. Sometimes people try to hide spare keys around the outside of their home. Potential thieves and robbers know this and know where to look for spare keys and may try to use them to get inside.

A smart lock eliminates the need for a spare key. Additionally, there are smart locks on the market that log each entry, exit and attempt to open them. This can come in handy if you have children and don’t want to wait up for them when they come home or want to see who’s tried to enter your home over a particular time period.

System integration

Your home’s smart lock will require internet access and a Bluetooth connection to function. As long as you have stable internet and a consistent power source, this can be a positive. You can even integrate your smart lock with other home security applications like video doorbells or security cameras.

Having all your home’s security applications on the same network can make it easier for them to work together and offer you a convenient way to monitor who’s been coming and going outside your home. Smart locks are even available with numbered key codes or keyholes themselves if you want to have a secondary way to enter your home in the event of a power outage.

Call to get your smart lock today

When it comes to tips to never get locked out of your house again, installing a smart lock is at the top of the list. To avoid getting locked out of your home, call us at Artie’s Lock and Key, where we offer free quotes on smart lock installation.

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