What Are the Most Common Commercial Door Repairs?

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Whether steel, aluminum or wood, doors to business premises are more frequently used than homestead doors. This subjects them to regular wear, tear and damage. So, if you run a business and want to operate efficiently, you are probably wondering about the common door issues that you may encounter. Here are some of the most common commercial door problems and repairs.

What Repairs Should I Expect With Commercial Doors?

Warping Doors

Heat negatively affects doors made from materials, such as aluminum, steel or wood. Extreme heat may warp doors out of their original shape. In some cases, the doors may resume their original shape once the pressure or heat is removed. But in most cases, hot weather and extended heat production cause the doors to stay warped. If you are worried about this problem, you can always replace the traditional commercial doors with warp-resistant ones. This will help to reduce damage arising from heat warping. So, how do you know if your doors are warped? The best time to check is when the heat or sun is hottest.

Damaged or Worn Springs

Torsion springs allow doors to close and open with ease by ensuring the even distribution of the door’s weight. Therefore, lifting the door off the ground can prove troublesome if the springs are in bad condition. For most springs, the average lifespan is 10,000 cycles. But commercial doors’ torsion springs tend to wear faster due to heavy use. If the wear or damage escalates, it can have dire consequences. It may put the doors out of commission, and in a worst-case scenario, the doors may come crashing down. Thus, you should conduct regular spring inspections. If you hear squeaking sounds, it’s a sure indication that the springs need lubrication or replacement.

Sections and Panels That Are Dented or Worn

Sections and panels often get damaged due to being hit by heavy objects or vehicles. Since commercial doors are a series of interconnected parts, proper operation ceases if the panels and sections are damaged. Thus, depending on the severity of the damage, you might need to replace the dented or worn panels and sections. Failure to address the issues with these door parts may lead to misalignment. Consequently, opener track systems, rollers and tracks could become damaged.

Damage Resulting From High Traffic

The operational life of a commercial door is affected by the amount of traffic that goes through it. The wear and tear on parts, such as locks, hinges, closers and latches, increases with the amount of traffic. To minimize damage to these parts, you should ensure that the quality of materials used on door parts is solid. Also, you should have a hardware and door specialty contractor inspect and maintain them regularly.

"What’s wrong with my commercial door?" If this has been a constant question in your mind, you probably need to contact a professional door maintenance or repair contractor. Neglecting small issues on your commercial doors can prove fatal, especially if they lead to the crashing of the doors.

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