Most Common Locksmith Scams You Need to Be Aware Of

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When you’ve lost or broken your keys, you can easily get confused and make hasty decisions. One of the decisions you can make is hiring a locksmith without taking some precautions. Unfortunately, many people end up in the hands of scammers in the name of locksmiths. Probably you are reading this after asking yourself, “Did I just fall for a locksmith scam?” Below are some of the locksmith scams you need to be aware of. 

Cash Only Scam

If a locksmith insists that you can only pay them by cash, they might be up to something fishy. It could be that they don’t want you to dispute the payment later after realizing that they did a shoddy job. Paying using cash makes it a bit challenging to trace someone, which is why most illegitimate locksmiths prefer it. Such locksmiths will make excuses like their credit card is not working. Additionally, they might ask for higher prices than what they quoted. 

Identity Theft 

Some locksmiths will actually come, do a decent job, and leave you satisfied with their work. However, they might do something you rarely think of; stealing your private information. They can use this information for their own uses or give it to a third party. 

Fake Websites

Some illegitimate locksmiths create websites and use the names of legitimate locksmiths. These websites look real and even appear on top of search engines. When you contact them, you will get a response from someone not even anywhere near where you live. Actually, a locksmith will come to offer you their services and end up overcharging you or doing a shoddy job. This leaves you frustrated and ruins the reputation of legitimate locksmith businesses. 

No Contact After Services

If you can’t contact a locksmith after their services, they are probably scammers. Once such locksmiths finish their work, you might never be able to talk to them again. If you contact the company where you got the locksmith, you might be told that they fired the technician who worked for you. 

Low Advertised Prices

Some locksmiths will advertise incredibly low prices for their services. However, they ask for extra money after the work is done. Some may even come up with excuses that something unexpected happened as they tried to unlock your door, just to extort more money from you. That’s why you should be very careful with locksmiths who advertise unreasonably low prices for their services since most of them are on the lookout for unsuspecting people to scam. 

Replacement Scam

Some locksmiths will make excuses such as your handle, or another part of the door, is damaged and needs replacement. They end up selling you the replacement part at exaggerated prices. Some say that the lock is a high-security type and can only be drilled. They then suggest that you replace the lock, which they sell to you. The new lock is probably of low quality and expensive. A good and legitimate locksmith is highly skilled, experienced, and can work on any lock without drilling. 

What locksmith scams should I be aware of? Hopefully, now you have the answer. There are several legitimate locksmiths, but there are still illegitimate ones. You need to be aware of some of the locksmith scams to avoid falling into the traps of scammers. 

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