Why It’s Important To Change Your Locks When Moving Into a New Home

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Moving into a new home can be equal parts exciting and worrisome. It takes time to be able to move all your belongings into your new house and make it feel like a home. When you move into a new house, one of the first things you should do is update the locks, and here is why.

Why Should You Change Locks When Moving to a New Place?

When moving into a new home the first thing that many people stress over is getting their belongings where they want them. However, replacing the locks should be the top priority. This is because you have no idea who has a copy of your key. You may get the copies that the owners have on their person, but that does not account for the other copies that some people may have. The entire extended family of the previous owner could have a copy of your key and could have access to your home.

Another reason for changing the locks is that your key may be in the hands of a service provider. While this is not a terrible thing if you are the one that handed over the key, if you are not, however, you may want to change the locks so that you have more control over who can get into your home. Your new home may also be the center of a family dispute. Not all homes are sold simply because the previous family is upgrading or moving to a new place. A homeowner that was forced to sell due to bankruptcy, divorce or foreclosure may still be contentious, and making sure that the former owners cannot come back in is a must.

Now, not all reasons for a lock change have to do with the previous owners. You may be purchasing a home that was broken into at one point or a home where the locks are old and worn out. In these cases, it is beneficial to change the locks as well.

Should You Change All Locks When Buying a House?

Long story short, yes. New locks are going to give you the security of knowing that you are the only person that can get into your home and that you are the only one that has access. It will also allow you the chance to pass out keys, or not, to those you want to have them. It also allows you the chance to get new locks that are going to be secure and that are going to work well.

Changing locks is simple. You can either do it yourself with a kit, or you can hire a contractor to put in new locks throughout your entire home. If you have multiple doors or exterior access, you must change all the locks so that you can feel safe and secure in your new home.

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