September 22, 2019

"From just a lock core, with no remaining keys, Artie's made and cut two keys in less than 15 mins for a great price."
September 20, 2019

"Sam came earlier than the time we had estimated and I was in such in a hurry to get home so that was super thoughtful of him. Also, I thought we were going to spend at least 30min getting the new key, but it was so fast, I didnt realise the time go by . Was probably 15min tops. Sam as well fixed me an extra key and gave me a great discount that I'm truly grateful for. I'll definitely contact him in the future if I find myself in this situation again. I definitely recommend his services to anyone in need of a car key replacement. Thanks Sam, you re the best!"
September 15, 2019

"My small fire safe lock was malfunctioning so I called Artie's for help. Ricky answered the phone quickly and was extremely polite. I showed up 2 hours later and Ricky had the safe open in minutes. Good pricing, great customer service, and quick resolution--what more can you ask for?! Highly recommend. Thanks for saving the day (and my important documents!), Ricky!!"
September 9, 2019

"Great customer service! I needed Subaru replacement key and they were able to get one for me and program it for 1/2 the price Subaru charged. I will be using this shop for key replacements in the future."
August 15, 2019

The Best Customer Service!

"I was away out of state and my mom locked her self in my backyard and could not get back into the house or out of the side gates. Ricky and Max were beyond helpful, so nice and polite and FAST!!! They were able to replace the lock and free my mom in less than an hour, I am beyond grateful! Thank you!!!"