June 29, 2020

"Very helpful and friendly and responsive on the phone, and through email, and in person!"
June 29, 2020

"5 stars"
June 23, 2020

"My locksmith Max was wonderful. He was really friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!"
February 23, 2020

"I brought in a copy of my truck key to have some new keys made, along with my old worn house key. The clerk looked over the house key and took some measurements. Before he made any copies of it, he showed me how it was worn from years of use and that it might be difficult to make copies that would work as well as the existing key worked. Not in urgent need of additional copies (already had copies from another locksmith that didn't work well without lots of jiggling in the old lock), I passed on new copies. The clerk then made us the truck key copies and then proceeded to walk with me to my truck in the parking lot, jumped into it and tested each of the new keys he had made. Two that would start the truck and open the glove compartment and one that was a valet key without glove compartment access. All worked great. I was impressed with the clerk's desire to make sure all the new copies worked, and the price was less than anticipated. I highly recommend Artie's Lock and Key in Fairfax, VA."
February 21, 2020

"Extremely professional, and straightforward. Prices and wait time are very reasonable. The staff did an outstanding job . Definitely my go to locksmith from now on"