October 22, 2018

"Locked myself out of my house last Friday and called Artie's for help. In about 10 minutes Doug showed up with a smile on his face and a friendly demeanor. However, I had already found a spare key outside the house. Doug didn't mind it at all and said I didn't owe him anything even if he drove to my house. Awesome! Thanks, Artie's!"
October 21, 2018

"Wow! My deadlock on my front door broke. The key turned, but the bold did not move. I found out my deadbolt's tailpiece broke. It is that flat rod from front to back. You can't get one from Lowes or Home Depot. I went to another locksmith store; they couldn't help. I called up Artie's Lock"
October 11, 2018

"If you want great service from a local, independently owned small business, Artie's is the way to go. My front entry door handle was having a lot of problems, with the latch bolt not fully retracting and the outside thumb piece that depressed it sticking and/or moving erratically. After I almost had to literally break down the door one night to enter the house, I called Artie's for service, based on the excellent recommendations it received in Yelp and elsewhere. Justin arrived exactly on time, diagnosed the problem, and quickly installed a new door handle set that I had already purchased. I found Justin to be both friendly and a professional who knew exactly what he was doing. In particular I appreciated that, instead of just automatically installing the new door handle, he first checked whether the existing one could be repaired instead of replaced. The price for the service was very reasonable. I have no hesitation recommending Artie's for any locksmith work, given the excellent job they did at my house."
September 20, 2018

"When you need a tech to deal with old lock set, give them a call. We had our 20 plus year old front door updated with a new Schlage handle and a new deadbolt changed to use our existing keys. The new equipment makes the door look brand new because the sun and weather had turned the original shiny brass fittings dull like a peeling sunburn. They are quick to respond and have the knowledge to accommodate almost any requirement. JAH"
September 16, 2018

Professional and Personable

"Artie's is great, their service is professional and personable. Knowing that you usually only need a locksmith in a crisis. I highly recommend Artie's to make a difficult situation pleasant."