May 4, 2018

"Artie's was able to copy a special key that Home Depot and Lowes could not. He was efficient and the keys worked fine. They also had some unique sales displays and I bought a gift 'G-Clef" key for my hubby who likes music. The actual key is a g-clef WOW! Service guy (I think his name was Rick) was welcoming and very professional. The place was way over my expectations - I thought it would be a dingy, dirty old shop; I was suprised to find the 'shop' was a clean and inviting store. I'd recommend this to anyone."
May 1, 2018

Great Staff, Professional and Easy to Work With!

"My key broke in the lid covering my 2004 F-150. Artie's was able to unlock the lid (after spending an hour trying to extract the key), disassembled the locking mechanism and find me a replacement lock. Not a small effort, the lock was discounted by the manufacture. Highly recommend Artie's Lock and Key for any key service, great staff, professional and easy to work with."
April 28, 2018

Most Grateful to Artie’s Lock & Key!

"Most grateful to Artie’s Lock & Key! My local hardware store could not do the job I needed done and referred me to Artie’s. Sean and Ricky accomplished it in short order, for a price that was, to me, more than fair. I thank them again for their service, their pricing, and their patience with me."
April 27, 2018

Great service and fair pricing!

"Great service and fair pricing. I went to Artie’s to see if they could fix a Schlage cylinder I took apart and rendered inoperable. They handled it promptly and without any “much” expected criticism for my attempt at home locksmithing. I highly recommend them as they were honest and quick."
March 3, 2018

Ricky and Doug Are Great!

"Fast friendly service, Ricky and Doug are great! I definitely recommend them and will use them again when I have another momentary laps of where my keys should be. I called early in the day and spoke to Ricky about getting into my locked vehicle. After we spoke he was about to set up a service call, I told him that I wouldn't be available till later in the day so hold off for now. When I called back all I said was "Hi this is Paul I called earlier about my Honda," Ricky says ok I just put it in the system one of our guys will call you shortly, had everything ready to go didn't have to go through the spiel again. I get a call in about a half hour and Doug is at my car 20 min. after that. Doug is really helpful and friendly and gets me in my car, even helps me get the ugly warning sticker off my car from being parked over night because stupid me locked my keys in the car the night before."