August 15, 2019

The Best Customer Service!

"I was away out of state and my mom locked her self in my backyard and could not get back into the house or out of the side gates. Ricky and Max were beyond helpful, so nice and polite and FAST!!! They were able to replace the lock and free my mom in less than an hour, I am beyond grateful! Thank you!!!"
August 6, 2019

"Needed immediate service to change locks on stores. They came out within a couple hours. The owner himself made a point to check all locks himself to be sure they work properly. Thank You Reflections of You Salons."
August 3, 2019

"Excellent customer service and value. Very impressed. I not only saved time by going to Artie's, but I also saved a lot of money. I highly recommend Artie's vs going to a car dealer if you have automotive key needs."
August 1, 2019

"Great service, wonderful people. Ricky spent an hour to get a good copy of an old worn car key and made sure it worked before sending me on my way. The first locksmith I visited just shrugged his shoulders and told me to go to the car dealership. Five stars for Ricky and Artie's!"
August 1, 2019

"These guys were awesome, responsive, and the locksmith did a great job with the difficult issue we had (deadbolt broke while locked). The pricing was fair, the only thing that would have made it better could have been explanation of service call fee, hourly rate beforehand. I would highly recommend Artie’s for emergency lockout situations."